Beth to boldly go in the name of equality

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A Carnoustie lecturer has been chosen as one of only two Scottish women to take part in an awareness raising expedition to Antarctica.

Dr Beth Christie, a Lecturer in Sustainability Education, at the University of Edinburgh, underwent an extensive selection process for the ‘Homeward Bound’ project which seeks to raise awareness around the gender gap in leadership positions, particularly within Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine, and Higher Education more generally.

As part of an international crew representing 13 nations, Beth is one of only two Scots, and only another five British women taking part and according to Beth there were enough applicants to fill three ships.

It will not be just plain sailing however and a lot of work will need to be done during the three week voyage to the Antarctic.

Beth explained: “I think the biggest challenge will be being apart from my family and living on a ship with another 70-plus ambitious, determined individuals!

“But I see it as a huge opportunity to learn from these amazing women and to work with them on this global cause.

“Our itinerary will be dependent on the weather and conditions whilst we are in Antarctica however, we do plan to visit research stations to work with the climate scientists based there.

“A major focus will be working with one another - imagine a floating conference. But it’s not just the expedition, it’s what we do afterwards and what this will open up in terms of international collaboration that is important.

“From my perspective it is about representing Scottish education and being able to talk about sustainability education on a global level with these women who are leaders in their own fields. It is also about bringing my experience back to Scotland and sharing this widely, with schools and in classrooms.”