Carlogie Primary prize-winners

Pictured on Wednesday are the Carlogie School primary 6/7 prize winners with their awards.
Pictured on Wednesday are the Carlogie School primary 6/7 prize winners with their awards.

Carlogie Primary School prize-winners are as follows.

Iles Trophy, primary six handwriting - Rory Colquhoun; Blease Cup, primary six art - Alistair Rice; Ross Cup, science - Zyad Bjeirmi.

Scottish Country Dance Cup - Rebecca Messeter; Medal for Excellence in Singing - Priya Ferguson; Leng Medal, winner - Hannah Marshall, finalists - Harry Cheape, Bethany Craigie, Ethan Doherty, Sarah Elgin, Niamh Harper, Leslie Herald, Abby Selfridge, Emma Simpson, Stephanie Sykes and Meghan Watson.

Soutar Plaque, London diaries, winner - Bethany Craigie, London: Mark Lawson, Dalguise: Harry Cheape. Certificates for Excellence, Carnoustie Diary - Theo Kyriacou: Photographic competition - Ethan Doherty.

Smart Trophy, Carlogie Community Cup - Hannah Marshall; Davison Cup - Rebecca Kidd; Abigail Smith Cup for primary four art - Marnie Laidlaw; Nicoll Cup for primary five ICT - Kirsten Allardyce; Rotary poetry prize - Theo Kyriacou.

Athletic Champions, girl - Niamh Harper; boy - Zyad Bjeirmi; Swimming Champions, girl - Niamh Harper/Stefanie Walters; boy: Joe Garven.

Golf Rosebowl - Ross Barclay; Interhouse football – Guthrie; Interhouse netball – Dalhousie; Interhouse athletics – Guthrie; Interhouse swimming – Maule; Webster Trophy for academic and sporting points – Guthrie.

Robert Burns World Federation for Excellence in recitation from Scottish literature: class 1a - Jennifer Lindsay, Kyan Low, Georgia McKinley; class 1b - Clara Fraser, Gemma Norrie, Andrew Turner.

Class 2a - Evan Allardice, Shannon Cook, Cameron Stewart; class 2/3c - Carla Brown, Blair Campbell, Kirsty Elgin, Amie Reid.

Class 3a - Bradley Knox, Ben McGrath, Sean Michael Stewart, Cameron Watson; class 3/4b - Ami Conchie, Abigail McCarthy, Greg Oliphant.

Class 4a - Ross Adair, Amy Simpson, Bethan Tracey.

Class 5a - John Gall, Cameron Leng, Keir Murray; class 5b - Glen Byars, Corey Cheape, Ollie Lloyd.

Class 6a - Tristan Duffy, Rebecca Jimminson, Teagan Mitchell; class 6b - Lana Conchie, Matthew Sheppard, Jamie Winterton.

Class 7a - Ethan Doherty, Niamh Harper, Keanu Patterson; class 7b - Harry Cheape, Eamonn McColgan, Ross Ringsell.