Carnoustie Achievers honoured

Carnoustie High School Achievers
Carnoustie High School Achievers

The parent council of Carnoustie High School held their annual Carnoustie Achievers awards ceremony on October 29 in Carnoustie Church.

The presentation of awards was made by special guests Joe Walters and Caroline Dey, former CHS pupils and high achievers.

Kenny Lee, Vice Chair of the Carnoustie High School Parent Council, said: “The aim of the ceremony is to recognise the achievements of Carnoustie High School pupils outwith their school activities.

“Pupils have nominated themselves but have also been nominated through the various community groups in Carnoustie.

“This year we have 150 awards to present to recognise the achievements of pupils which is more than last year.

“The awards have been made on the basis of the information presented to the adjudication panel.

“There are three categories of arts and music; sports and activities and charities and community.

“Pupils have been recognised by the level that they have taken part in over the last year up to our closing date.

The Provost’s Award, to recognise pupils with high achievements across all the of the categories, was presented by the Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald, who also provided the Vote of Thanks.

The parent council extended a special thanks to Fiona Dalziel and the office staff at Carnoustie High School for all their help in the administration of the event, to the judgment panel of the parent council, senior pupils and school senior management team and to Girlguiding Carnoustie for providing refreshments at the end of the ceremony.

The Carnoustie Achievers are listed below, by House.

Barry House

Local awards. S1. Robyn Firth; Hannah Geoghegan; Toni Grant; Jolene Hamilton; Amber Hawkins; Melanie McNeil. S2. Nyah Allardyce; Louise Anderson; Chloe Cameron; Brooke Carmichael; Tamzin Firth; Charlotte Gibbon; Chirstie Langlands; Annie Nicol; Maya O’Connor; Emily Taylor; Carla Townsend. S3. Callum Lang. S4. Rebecca Bell; Kieran Hingston; Kirsty Morris; Kevin Shand; Charley Stewart; Rhianne Symon; Aillie Townsend; Callum Wheeldon. S6. Logan Birdsall; Louise Weir.

Local awards - multiple categories: S1. Hamish Bartle; Shannon Cruickshanks. S2. Cerys Fitzgerald. S5. Caoimhe Duncan.

Regional awards - single categories: S1. Ethan Samson. S2. Lucy Hopper; Daniel Smart. S5. Callum Stark.

Regional awards - multiple categories: S1. Andrew Lyall. S2. Jamie Chalmers; Lana Conchie; Callum Lyall; Amy Robertson. S4. Murray Bartle.

National awards - single category: S2. Aidan Robertson; Kate Samson. S4. Rebecca Howlett. S5. Anna Forbes.

National awards - multiple categories: S1. Imogen Crozier; Gavin Lee. S2. Joel McFarlane; Lucy Mineard; Jamie Winterton. S4. Matthew Michie. S6. Natasha Lee.

International awards - single category: S5. Aileen Goss. S6. Jordan Robertson; Jacqueline Stark.

International awards - multiple categories: S1. Iona McFarlane. S2. Finlay McGhee. S3. Sabine Crozier.

Kinloch House

Local awards: S1. Glen Byars; Maria Clarke; Lee McConnachie; Victoria McLay; Niall Mitchell. S2. Joshua Ansell; Megan Athey; Chloe Duncan; Rayma Ferguson. S3. Erin Cooper; Rhianne Fenwick; Priya Ferguson; Joe Garven; Megan Ross; Emma Simpson; Stephanie Sykes. S4. Gregor Brown; Emma Jackson; Kieran McLaren; Jennifer Pullar; Nicole Stewart. S5. Molly Duncan; Suszi Fenton; Sarah Hunter; Eilidh Murray; Craig Myles.

Local Awards – multiple categories: S1. Leanne Deering; Marc Jameson; Bryce Ness. S2. Niamh Baillie; Ross McBride. S4. Claire Golden. S5. Katie Wallace; Rebecca Cook. S6. Erinn Gray; Rogan Thomson.

Regional Awards – multiple categories: S1. Krzysztof-Cameron Black. S3. Hannah Marshall. S4. Alexandra McCombie; Cailin McLay; Jack McMillan.

National Awards – single category: S2. Jasmine Jules Andrews. S3. Marcello Ruffo. S4. Eve-Lili Prescott.

National Award – multiple categories: S3. Bethany Craigie.

International Award – single category: S6. Emily Christison.

International Awards – multiple categories: S1. Josh Craigie. S2. Annya-Natasha Black.

Panbride House

Local awards: S1. Lewis Burns; Anna Moir; Jessica Murray; Holly Watson. S2. Abbey Cargill; Lucy Harris; Rebecca Herriott; Kai Hutton; Hanna Louden; Sophia Prendeville. S3. Joshua Mitchell. S4. Chloe Brown; Rachel Forbes; Emily Mulholland. S5. Julia Clark. S6. Amy Cruickshanks; Gwen Davidson; Lesley Imrie; Katie Stopper; Sarah Tindal; Connie Walker.

Local Awards – multiple categories: S1. Fiona Lochrie. S2. Esme Anderson. S5. Chloe Robertson. S6. Kirsty Fenwick.

Regional Award – single category: S1. Abbie Low.

Regional Award – multiple categories: S2. Sarah Oliphant; Douglas Hill; Amy Kidd.

National Award – single category: S1. Amy Shepherd; Raghnall Simmons; Rachael Broadfoot.

National Award – multiple categories: S1. Cameron Geekie.

International Awards – single category: S4. Christopher Flynn; Iain Yeaman. S5. Joanna Flynn.

International Awards – multiple categories: S2. Holly Ross; Holly Ross. S3. Ethan Doherty; Angus Geekie;

Cailean Graham.

Provost Award

Amy Robertson; Annya-Natasha Black; Bethany Craigie; Caitlin McLay; Ethan Doherty; Gavin Lee; Imogen Crozier; Iona McFarlane; Jamie Chalmers; Jamie Winterton; Joel McFarlane; Josh Craigie; Lana Conchie; Matthew Michie; Natasha Lee; Sabine Crozier.