Celebration of languages

Last Thursday was a day of celebration in Arbroath Academy for the variety of different languages spoken by pupils and staff in the school.

Every year, September 26 is European Day of Languages. However, Arbroath Academy has such a diverse range of pupils - from Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Nepal and the Philippines, that the concept was expanded to suit!

All S1 pupils gathered in the assembly hall to take part in two activities.

The first consisted of a ‘Design a Logo’ competition, where pupils had to work together in groups of four to come up with a logo to represent all the languages spoken in the Academy by pupils and staff. These include Polish, Italian, Gaelic and Japanese.

After a tough decision, the competition was won by S1 pupils, Morgen Cosgrove, Hannah Coull, Lynsey Cook and Nathan Cordiner.

They read the success criteria very carefully to ensure that all the elements required would be incorporated into their design.

The second activity was a general knowledge quiz about countries of the world, languages and a French language skill section. Pupils impressed staff with their knowledge. The highest score achieved was 31/40 by two teams and a tie-breaker question was required. The teams had to total the combined ages of the modern languages staff, which comprises Miss Peggie, Mrs Kerr and Miss Walker, and give their answer in French.

The team with the winning answer of 124 years, closest to the actual combined age of 116, was - Gavin Duff, Fraser Fair, Matthew Dunhill and Gemma Duthie.