College launches new classes

A SELECTION of new computing classes is being launched next month at the Angus College main campus on Keptie Road, Arbroath.

A range of six different courses will offer individuals computing tuition in a range of specific areas suited to different levels of experience.

Among the offering is a new digital photography course which spans 18 weeks and will give students a comprehensive knowledge of digital camera settings and transferring and editing images using industry standard software.

If it is editing photos that particularly interests you, there is also an 18-week class focusing on editing using Photoshop Elements where students will learn how to enhance and improve images using Photoshop.

If you are not yet confident with computers then Webwise Basix might be the course for you. It is designed to encourage learners not to fear computers, the Internet or e-mail. The course runs for nine weeks and covers everything from how to connect to the Internet to using e-mail and online communities.

If there is a particular area you wish to focus on the centre will also be offering three new PC Passport courses covering specific areas: Beginners’ Internet and Online Communications, Beginners’ IT Software and Presenting and Beginners’ IT Systems.

All of these classes are ILA funded so if you earn less than £22,000 you could be eligible to do a class free of charge. To book your place call Karen Cargill on 01241 432724 or if you are unsure which course is right for you drop in to your local centre to find out more.