Council’s report card

ANGUS Council has prepared an in-depth review of the education services in the county.

The annually produced review by the authority, entitled the standards and quality report, covers all aspects of education in Angus and was endorsed by the Angus Education Committee on Thursday.

The 2012 report outlines the council’s performance in areas such as attainment and pupil absence and gives suggestions on how to improve services.

Where possible national equivalents and comparator authorities were used to help illustrate the information in the report.

The information was compiled from surveys of head teachers, parents councils and staff, with additional input from a cross section of pupils who completed questionnaires.

Improvements in pupil attainment and achievement by the end of fourth year, high levels of positive destinations for school leavers and the continuing strong partnerships between staff and parents were highlighted in the report as key strengths.

Angus Council’s convener of education, Councillor Sheena Welsh, was pleased with the report and thanked all those involved in providing input.

She said: “I am delighted to note that this annual report provides a positive evaluation of the many recent achievements of the education department.

“However we strive for continuous improvement and the action points identified will help inform and shape our plans to deliver the best possible educational experience for across Angus for our communities and citizens.

“A strong commitment to regular and focused review will be of particular importance at this time of unprecedented financial challenge.”

At the same meeting, a further report, outlining the Education Department’s performance in the first six months of this financial year, was also endorsed by members.