Graduated with honours

Caley McIntosh pictured with her mum Lesley Murray on her graduation day in Dundee.
Caley McIntosh pictured with her mum Lesley Murray on her graduation day in Dundee.

21-year-old Caley Mcintosh is way ahead of the pack after graduating with a first class honours degree in BSc Zoology.

A former Arbroath High School pupil, she has excelled in her subject winning the Biological Sciences Honours Prize and the D’Arcy Thompson Commemorative Medal for being the top first class A-grade honours student within Biological Sciences. “I have adored animals of all shapes and sizes since I could walk,” Caley said. “I decided to study Zoology when I was 16 during my scholarship with St Andrews University.”

The Professors at the university inspired Caley by showing her around the Zoology museum.

“That’s when I knew I had to expand my passion for animals,” she said.

As if her achievements were not enough Caley also topped the bill for having the best overall marks in the biology-based programme and was nominated for being the top Biology Student of Scotland.

But after four years of studying the world of academia still holds a draw and Caley has plans to complete a Masters in marine mammal science after gaining some more hands on experience with animals.

She is also aiming to put her hard work to good use in pursuit of an overseas career in animal conservation, rescue and rehabilitation in a marine-based field.

Taking time off to celebrate with family she said of her graduation from the University of Dundee:

“The sun was beating down and the champagne was flowing! It made all the stress and long hours of studying more than worth it.

“My family couldn’t be more proud and they can’t wait to find out what I’m going to shock them with next!”