Increase in demand for on-site training

STAFF at Angus College have reported a marked increase in the number of individuals seeking onsite assessment and training (OSAT) in order to gain a formal qualification while working in the construction industry.

With the construction industry moving towards a fully trained, fully qualified workforce, an increasing number of those within the workforce who do not have formal qualifications are looking to have their skills validated.

As a registered OSAT centre, Angus College provides assessors who will visit candidates on-site in order to advise and assess them for the relevant SVQ.

Once a candidate has been registered for the relevant SVQ Level 2, they are able to apply for a one-year Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) trainee card and then through the OSAT process, they are able to quickly and easily achieve the vital SVQ Level 2 which allows them to apply for the 5 year Skilled Worker card.

Angus College construction curriculum manager Colin Johnson said: “We have recently had a number of candidates who have taken advantage of the college’s OSAT services for various reasons including needing the qualification in order to work abroad. Theses qualifications not only open up more possibilities, but are also becoming more and more essential to get on in the industry.

“The OSAT process also has many benefits for employers who are realising that a workforce with the necessary skills and qualifications delivers higher quality and more cost-efficient work.

“Furthermore, because assessment is conducted on-site it means there is very little downtime and staff can get a qualification whilst continuing to work on projects.”