Inspiring future entrepreneurs


ANGUS Centre for Enterprise could have some future applicants for the Dragon’s Den if all goes well.

At the moment, students of the Inspire Enterprise course are preparing for their 12 week internships.

The Inspiring Enterprise course is equivalent to an Advanced Higher, but next month a concise version concentrating on the practical aspects of business will be introduced in the Level Five (Intermediate 2) course.

Course leader Mark Straiton is pleased to see that the initiative has already had its first success with student Brooke Cuthbert. He said: “She found full-time employment as the direct result of the course activities.

“Basically, to get this job is a great result for us.”

Self-confidence is one of the main skills that Mark hopes to instil in these in these young business men and women of the future, but also includes practical skills like CV building, networking and creating business plans.

A real bonus of the Inspiring Enterprise course is the opportunity to take part in a three month hands on internship, allowing them to see for themselves the internal workings of their chosen fields.

Mark said: “It’s a real big chance getting people out on internships in this economic climate. It’s a huge commitment for businesses, but it’s also a huge achievement for the course.

“We keep in regular contact with the students during the 12 weeks. They get assessed on their internship and have to produce a report for the company.

“This is to help the business, but also to give the business something back as a thank you. It’s a two way thing.”

In February the Level Five Inspiring Enterprise course is due to start, and is open to anyone between 16 and 24 with an interest in business.

Mark said: “It’s more simplified, it gives them a taster in e-commerce, personal development and working for themselves, it’s a practical course.

“A lot of what people need is more self confidence, and we can help with all that. There will be an internship, likely for eight weeks.”

Mark says support from Angus College and local businesses has been vital to their success, he said: “The course has really gone hand in hand with the launch of the centre, we couldn’t have done it without them.

“And also a huge big thank you to the marketing and admissions teams at Angus College for their support in organising internships.”

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