Local school in Story Generator

CARNOUSTIE High School has registered to take part in ScottishPower’s newest initiative aimed at encouraging reading, writing and creativity amongst pupils.

Pupils will take part in Story Generator which involves them being given the opening line of a novel by celebrated Scottish, children’s author Julie Bertagna. This line provides the starting point for their story and the youngsters then use their imagination to take the tale forward.

They are asked to each add just one individual line to the story before the next pupil picks up the thread of the tale with their own sentence. The whole school or class can contribute to generate their own story. There are no rules regarding length or content.

Julie Bertagna has provided the opening line for the Story Generator initiative from her novel Zenith - “Out on the world’s ocean, night is a black war-horse. The white ship bucks upon it like a ghost rider with no reins.”

The winning school will receive a donation of books and there will also be the fantastic prize of a Kindle for the individual pupil who provides the best line.

ScottishPower has launched Story Generator in association with the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the deadline for entries is Friday, October 14.

Ann Loughrey at ScottishPower, said: “Story Generator has proved to be a popular initiative with many schools signed up to take part and it is fantastic that Carnoustie High School is participating.

“We are extremely grateful to Julie Bertagna for providing the line from Zenith and we look forward to receiving the entries and reading the different imaginative tales the children have created from the same opening line.”