Places guaranteed for all priority one pupils

BARNHILL Primary School will be able to take all priority one pupils next term, Broughty Ferry councillor Rod Wallace has confirmed.

Extensive housebuilding in the Broughty Ferry area had prompted worries about the ability of schools to cope with the rising pupil numbers.

Councillor Wallace had raised concerns that the number of pupils living in the catchment area and who were seeking a place at the start of next term would exceed the school’s capacity to cope.

His suggestion prompted education convener Liz Fordyce to accuse him of scaremongering although she also said it was possible catchments in the Broughty Ferry area might have to be ‘tweaked’ at some point.

Mr Wallace has since met senior council officers and has been given a complete assurance that all the eligible pupils would be accepted.

He commented: “I have ‘phoned around some of my constituents to give them the good news.

“The last thing people want to hear is that they may not get their child into the school they want.”

A spokesman for the city council’s education department confirmed that 74 priority one placing requests had been received by the deadline.

He said that the school had the capacity to accommodate them and reassured families of all priority one pupils in Barnhill’s catchment area that their children will get a place at the primary school in August.

Barnhill Primary is one of the largest primary schools in the city with 400 pupils. Its Ferry neighbours, Forthill and Eastern, are also at the top end of the scale having around 850 pupils between them.

Councillor Wallace said there were potentially another 750 homes in the pipeline if developers went ahead with proposed projects.

He said he had raised this matter during his meeting and believed it was something the council would have to tackle in the future, although he had been told that at the present time there was no need to change school catchmenets.

He said this would quash rumours that the Clearwater Park and Miller Homes developments near the A92 might be transferred to the Claypotts Castle Primary catchment.