Pupils’ achievements listed

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KEY STRENGTHS of Carnoustie High School have been listed by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools in a report published on Tuesday following a recent visit of a team led by Chris Webb.

They include the overall quality of young people’s experiences in the school; high-quality support for young people who require additional support with their learning; the impact of the work of staff to support young people’s health and wellbeing; achievements of young people in a range of activities such as sport and music; and the impact of highly effective self-evaluation in some departments.

Mr Webb reported: “We are satisfied with the overall quality of provision in the school. We are confident that the school’s self‑evaluation processes have the capacity to lead to improvements.

“As a result, we will make no further visits in connection with this inspection. The local authority and school will inform parents about the school’s progress as part of their arrangements for reporting to parents on the quality of the school.”

He explained that his team had discussed with staff and the education authority how they might continue to improve the school.

It was agreed to increase the pace and challenge in young people’s learning across the broad general education to the end of S3; improve the effectiveness of tutor time; continue to raise levels of attainment across the school, particularly for boys; and improve the effectiveness of the school’s arrangements for communicating and consulting with parents, young people and staff.

A similar report was submitted which outlined the key strengths of the learning community surrounding the school.

It stated that there is a learning community that has a good understanding of its strengths and improvement needs; it provides effective tailored engagements with young people; young people’s success in achieving accredited awards; developing partnership work which is improving learner’s lives; and staff and partners practice improving through accessing quality CPD opportunities.

The inspector stated: “There are some improvements needed, but because partners have a good understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement, and communities are achieving well, we have ended the inspection process at this stage.

“We will monitor progress through our regular contact with the local authority.”

The team discussed with partners how they might continue to improve their work and it was agreed that they increase the range and contribution of partners engaged in Carnoustie Children’s and Learning Partnership; improve the connection between local and strategic community planning to increase community involvement and widen decision making; develop and improve family and adult learning provision and improve approaches to recording and sharing young people’s achievements with Carnoustie High School.

The headteacher of Carnoustie High School, Fraser Booth, told the Guide & Gazette: “I am delighted that the inspectors found that our pupils enjoy a positive learning experience and that they are encouraged and well supported in their learning.

“The inspection provided another opportunity for the school to identify its many strengths and areas of good practice as well as areas that require to be improved.

“I have confidence and pride in the school’s quality and standard of educational provision, as well as its ability to monitor and evaluate its overall performance.”

He continued: “Many, if not all, of the agreed action points referred to in the HMIe letter feature in the School’s Improvement Plan and the local authority’s Supported School Review.

“I would like to thank, congratulate and commend the pupils and staff for their continued commitment to and support of the school, as well as parents/carers for their continued help and support.”

Mr Booth concluded: “An effective home-school partnership is crucial to the success of any school as it provides the necessary support framework that allows young people to successfully learn and achieve.”