Road safety is not a game


ANGUS College was the venue for a road safety initiative by a leading tyre manufacturer.

Michelin staged a two-day visit advocating better road safety techniques and a driving simulator on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

The simulator, which is modelled on a new style Mini, is part of Michelin’s Road Safety for Young People in Europe (ROSYPE) to highlight the importance of correctly inflated tyres.

It demonstrates how having tyres adjusted correctly vastly improves driving control, and how by reducing the tyre pressure that control is degraded, making it more difficult to avoid obstacles.

Participants learn safer driving techniques, such as increased alertness, sticking to the speed limit, controlling the car properly, driving smoothly and anticipating hazards in order to reduce the chances of an accident.

Corinne Li, ROSYPE project leader, said: “The road safety message that runs through the sessions is really important as it can play a crucial role in helping to reduce road accidents. We hope that those who took part learned some important lessons about safer driving from the simulator experience and take this knowledge with them when driving for real on the region’s roads.”