Students’ message on alcohol and drugs

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STUDENTS from across Angus College came together last week in the exhibition ‘Stop Pressuring Me’ which explored issues around drugs, alcohol and social pressures.

The thought-provoking exhibition brought together students from courses which included art, skillzone and supported education who showcased photographs, poetry and collage.

The message of the day was that students want to be themselves, without feeling the society pressures of alcohol, drugs and body image.

The supported education students wrote brave poems about their views on alcohol and drug abuse, while the art students produced stark, honest photographs showing their experiences.

The skillzone students trained to become professional ‘Mocktail Mixologists’, showing off their talents in their Caribbean styled bar which was open to staff and students all day.

This project was funded once again by Focus on Alcohol Angus which supports learner engagement activity in the college and works to promote a sensible attitude to drinking.

Senior planning officer for Alcohol Angus Eileen McArthur said: “This has been a terrific event where the students have managed to tackle these serious issues in a very creative and fun way.

“We hope that it has raised awareness of the huge range of issues surrounding alcohol concerning college students.”