Students visit MEP in Brussells

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A GROUP of students from Angus College took part in a lively question and answer session with local MEP Ian Hudghton in Brussels on Thursday during a fact-finding visit to the European Parliament.

Students fired questions on a diverse range of topics including the mackerel fishing dispute with Iceland, agricultural issues that have an impact on Scotland, the reporting of the European Union in the domestic press and a very lively debate on implications of Scotland’s Independence on our relationship with the EU.

Mr Hudghton commented afterwards: “Every year the European Parliament allows MEPs to sponsor groups from schools and colleges to visit the Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg.

“Angus College has regularly sent student delegations to Brussels to see at first-hand the workings of the European Union, to watch the Parliament live in action during a plenary session, and to grill MEPs on various issues of interest to them linked to ongoing studies back home.

“The students were well prepared with their questions and I was particularly impressed by their understanding of how the Parliament works and of course about their interest in the issues surrounding the Independence Referendum in 2014.”