Enjoy the football and drink safe

Don't drink too much
Don't drink too much

Angus residents have been urged to drink responsibly during the World Cup.

Lots of people will be enjoying the games with a tipple as the tournament kicks off tonight (Thursday).

Supporters will gather with friends and neighbours to celebrate the event at home and in the pub.

And Chief inspector Gordon Milne, chair of Focus on Alcohol Angus, and the Angus Violence Against Women Partnership, said “We want the community to enjoy the football but be safe, sensible and responsible around alcohol.

“Drinking too much alcohol can have an extremely negative impact upon individuals and communities and can lead to violence, disorder, antisocial behaviour and domestic violence.

“Increases in domestic violence were witnessed during the 2010 World Cup, and Angus figures indicate that almost half of the reported domestic crimes identified alcohol as an aggravating factor.

“We urge victims of domestic abuse to come forward and report any incidents to police.”

Focus on Alcohol Angus is a multi-agency partnership with representatives from various agencies including Angus Council, Police Scotland, NHS Tayside, and the voluntary sector. For more information visit www.focusonalcohol.org or follow on Twitter @focusonalcohol