Another late opener!

IT HASN’T taken the new occupiers of 242 High Street, Arbroath, as long as Mackays to get around to an official opening of their premises, but they will have already been doing business in the property for more than a month when the formal ceremony takes place at 10 a.m. today (Friday).

Two organisations, Furniture Recycling Project Angus (FRPA) and Angus Credit Union (ACU), have joined forces in this new High Street venture to present their services to the public and increase awareness of what they have to offer.

The shop front is in a prime position on the corner of Lordburn, at the end of the pedestrianised part of the High Street and opposite the new Christmas shop.

The Earl of Dalhousie, the patron of FRPA, will join MP Mike Weir, a founding member of ACU, to cut and sample the celebration cake and meet the staff and volunteers of both organisations.

The Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald, will also be at the opening. Anyone visiting the shop after 11 a.m. to make an enquiry or use one of the services on offer will also be given a piece of cake, until the plate is empty!

In conjunction with the official opening, each organisation is launching a new service and offering a special promotion to its customers.

As well as sharing premises, the two organisation have something else in common – Andrew Dawson chairs the boards of both FRPA and ACU. He commented: “This joint enterprise is a splendid opportunity to do what neither FRPA nor ACU could have afforded by itself. What is more, members of the Credit Union will be able to borrow the modest sums they need to buy good quality FRPA furniture, at low rates of interest. Working together, our two organisations can help Angus folks’ money go much further. This is good news in difficult times.”

Angus Credit Union and Furniture Recycling Project Angus are keen to help Angus households prepare for their Christmas celebrations by each launching a new service at the official opening of the High Street premises today.

For people preparing to host the family Christmas gathering, ReCyClean from FRPA is an affordable carpet-cleaning service, accredited by the National Carpet Cleaners Association. FRPA have been using a powerful, high quality cleaning machine to breathe new life into the donated furniture that they sell, and they are now available to clean household carpets anywhere in Angus.

Prices start at £15 for a hallway and a typical two-bedroom house costs less than £200. FRPA are so confident of the quality of their service that they guarantee to repeat without charge any work that a customer doesn’t consider good enough. Offices and shops are also covered by ReCyClean.

FRPA is already providing their ReCyClean service free to needy households referred to them by statutory agencies and housing charities. Disabled and elderly people who are unable to clean their carpets themselves, and low-income families with small children who can’t afford the cost of carpet cleaning, have all benefited from the service.

To book a ReCyClean visit before Christmas, visit 242 High Street, ‘phone 01241 437438 or e-mail

The credit union is taking some of the headache out of Christmas gift giving with their new Gift-4-Saving vouchers. People who receive cash at Christmas often have the best intentions of putting it towards a ‘big ticket’ item, but cash in hand can get frittered away on small spending. Those who want to give a cash present to a loved one can use this voucher to give a double gift by encouraging a savings habit at the same time.

Each Gift-4-Saving voucher is personalised – they can be for any amount and the giver can choose the picture for the front of the voucher from a gallery of images, or provide one of their own.

When the voucher is handed in at the credit union, the person gets a credit union savings account with the gift amount deposited in it – a real incentive to keep adding to it each week or month to achieve a savings goal.

To create an ACU Gift-4-Saving voucher for Christmas or any other occasion, visit 242 High Street, phone 01241 874477 or e-mail