Buses soon to be greener in Angus thanks to introduction of biofuel

THE ANGUS bus routes of a major operator will be more eco-friendly thanks to the introduction of greener fuel.

Stagecoach East Scotland plans to reduce carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 22 per cent by fuelling its 530 strong bus fleet with a new biofuel and diesel mix.

The B30 fuel system is a product of Motherwell-based Argent Energy and uses a special blend of 30 per cent biofuel to 70 per cent diesel, reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

Stagecoach East Scotland managing director Charlie Mullen said: “We are constantly striving to make our business more sustainable and we believe the introduction of this greener biofuel will make a real difference to our carbon footprint as a company.

“Public transport can play a key role in reducing climate change and new technology, such as the use of biofuel and improved environmental monitoring systems, is crucial if we are to get people to switch from the car on to our greener smarter bus services.”

This comes on the back of the introduction of a hi-tech eco-driving system by Green Road which should reduce fuel consumption in Stagecoach’s busfleet by 4 per cent.

Stagecoach Group has launched a sustainability strategy and is investing £11 million in a range of measures to meet its environmental targets for 2014.