Carnoustie beach is cleaner than ever!

People are getting the message on litter according to the organiser of the latest Carnoustie beach clean.

On Sunday, September 22, eco-conscious volunteers took to the beachfront for the Carnoustie Community Council-led beach clean for the Marine Conservation Society.

Community councillor Davina Sturrock organised the event. She said: “It was the cleanest beach we’ve ever done. There were only five bags of rubbish which is only 70 kilos of rubbish picked up.

“I think a lot of people are getting the message.

“There seemed not to be so many cigarette ends, which is normally one of the things we find most of. One of the things we did find was balloons, which can actually kill more marine life than anything else apparently.”

She continued: “The worst offender was drinks bottles. We picked up 40 of those and if you include the cans as well that bumps it up to 69.

“The most horrible thing we picked up was a dirty nappy!”

However, there were fewer volunteers than previously.

Davina concluded: “That was the poorest turnout we’ve had, only 12 people, but in saying that we really swept the entire beach.”