Dead cows

A CARNOUSTIE pet owner who regularly walks her dog on Barry Buddon, recently made a gruesome discovery within the military ranges.

She came across several dead cows in the Big Wood area of Barry Range.

Our correspondent, who declined to be named, said: “This is the second time I have made such a grim discovery as a similar situation occurred last spring with Black Angus cows.

“This time 12 black Holstein cows have died over the Christmas to March period, and while the remaining herd and one dead cow have been removed, 11 animals remain rotting.”

An Army spokesperson said: “The Commandant at Barry Buddon has investigated the complaint and discussed the matter with the farmer who owns and grazes the cattle on the training area.

“He confirmed that some cattle were indeed missing but because the area covered over 2,600 acres of land it was taking time to locate and recover them.”