Jellyfish survey request

THE MARINE Conservation Society is urging beachgoers and sea users to take part in a national survey as barrel, moon, compass, blue and lion’s mane jellyfish swarm in our seas.

Peter Richardson said: “The jellyfish survey is an excellent way for people to get involved in finding out more about our threatened seas. There is strong evidence that jellyfish numbers are increasing around the world, including in UK seas, and these increases have been linked to factors such as pollution, over-fishing and possibly climate change.

“We should consider jellyfish populations as important indicators of the state of our seas, and the MCS jellyfish survey helps provide some of the information we need to understand more about them.”

MCS also warns to ‘look but not touch’ as some jellyfish can sting – particularly the lion’s mane that is swarming in huge numbers at some coastal sites in the north west.

Taking part in the jellyfish survey is easy! The full-colour MCS jellyfish photo-ID guide can be downloaded from, where jellyfish encounters can also be reported in detail online.