Keeping Scotland clean and tidy

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ANGUS South MSP Graeme Dey has thrown his weight behind Clean Up Scotland, a campaign launched by the independent environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Mr Dey, who recently hosted a Members’ Debate in the Scottish Parliament on the work of Keep Scotland Beautiful and their efforts to prevent littering and improve the cleanliness of our civic space in Scotland, declared himself “delighted” to sign the Clean Up Scotland pledge.

He went on: “This campaign is part of an on-going effort on the part of Keep Scotland Beautiful to tackle the blight of littering – an issue my Members’ Debate in Holyrood was designed to help raise awareness of. And I am delighted to have been able to demonstrate my backing for it by signing up to the ‘Clean Up Scotland’ campaign,

“How our towns, villages and rural countryside look matters not only to the local community but to tourists – people we are looking to entice back to them - as well.

“And this campaign - which will run throughout 2013 - will look to encourage those of us fortunate enough to live in what is a fantastic country, to avoid dropping litter, get involved in the clean-ups which will be taking place nationwide, recycle wherever possible, and generally show a greater sense of civic pride.

“I am confident people right across Angus will involve themselves in this.”

Derek Robertson, chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, commented: “Scotland is a beautiful country, but it could be so much better without litter and mess. We conducted a survey showing that over half of Scots have dropped litter, and that almost half do it on an occasional or regular basis. This is more than just a visual problem, it affects our society, our health and the economy.

“It’s an unacceptable situation, and this campaign will change it. Small efforts by ordinary people can make a big difference, and we want one million people to join with us in making this campaign a success.

“I am calling on individuals, local groups and businesses in the Angus area to participate in activities ranging from signing the pledge on our website, to donating money to the Campaign, to organising or participating in a local clean up. We will bring the kit – all you need to do is bring yourself and your pride in the county.”