Kinloch Centre Project hopeful of ‘wind’ fall

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CARNOUSTIE Centre Action Group is hoping that it will be able to access funds from the ‘Community Turbine Initiative’ proposed by renewable energy company, West Coast Energy.

The chairman of the Kinloch Centre Project, Rodger Brunton, explained that West Coast Energy, has held several public and private meetings with people in Carnoustie, Arbroath, Arbirlot and Easthaven over the past few months in relation to their proposals for a seven-turbine windfarm adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant at Hatton.

He revealed: “We are hopeful that Carnoustie Centre Action Group will benefit from their proposed ‘Community Turbine Initiative’, comprising the proceeds from one turbine which will be donated each year to community projects.

“It could be substantial. In the early years, while there are still borrowing costs to be paid back, donations could be around £40,000 per year. However, once the ‘farm’ gets into 10 to 15 year life then figures of £200,000 per annum are being talked about.

“Although nothing is signed, formally offered or, for that matter, even granted planning permission yet, we are hopeful of getting a share.

“There cannot be many projects in the area which, if supported by turbine cash, would benefit all the community, rather than individual charities or causes. Fingers are crossed for the blades to turn in our favour.”

On the surface there might appear to be little happening with the Kinloch Centre Project but in the background things are simmering away nicely.

Mr Brunton told the Guide & Gazette this week: “Lots of things are happening in the background of our project.

“We have hired a consultancy company, Indigo Solutions, to assist with an application to the Investing in Ideas section of the ‘Awards for All’ lottery fund. The first draft application has arrived and will be ready soon to send off.

“They will gather all the mass of data already held and extrapolate the most important to bring a fresh focus for the future. This will encompass the ideas for inclusion in the building into how each one can help towards improving people’s chances in life and where we could offer training to young people, such as helping run the cafe.”

Scott Turpie and Willie Watt, partners in Nicoll Russell Architects, along with Alison Paget, are to visit Burnside Primary School today (Friday) to do a lively presentation to both pupils and staff and to ask what they would like included in the centre.

Mrs Paget explained: “This is part of our need to include all the schools in our data and only Carlogie Primary is yet to do.”

And Dave Soutar, CCAG treasurer, has organised a race night at the Station Hotel on Friday, November 11, at 7.30 p.m. Tickets are £3 each and the funds will go to the project.

Finally Jim Simpson, group secretary, revealed that all members will receive a newsletter very soon, to update them on activities.

He said: “If you are not a member yet, go online at to keep up-to-date with all developments.”