Links warning to dog owners

A dog owner responsibly cleans up after her dog - but there are many who are flouting the law.
A dog owner responsibly cleans up after her dog - but there are many who are flouting the law.

Carnoustie Golf Links Management Committee has appealed for dog owners to follow course rules while walking their pets.

Linda Gordon, PR convener, told the Guide & Gazette: “The Golf Links at Carnoustie has been dogged by persistent fouling by out of control dogs and by poor etiquette from dog owners.”

And the committee has intimated that serious repurcussions will follow for people who allow their dogs to foul on the course or damage the course.

Linda continued: “While responsible dog owners are to be commended both for keeping their pets under control and also for using the poo-bins, there are a significant number of owners who seem determined to ignore sensible guidelines.”

The Outdoor Access Code states that in public places dogs should be ‘under proper control’ either by walking close at heel beside the owner/walker or kept on a lead to ‘avoid causing concern to others’. It also advises that dog waste should be ‘bagged and binned’.

Specifically relating to golf courses it states: ‘You can only exercise access rights to cross over a golf course and in doing so, you must keep off golf greens at all times and not interfere with any golf games or damage the playing surfaces’.

Linda stressed: “Should it be brought to the attention of CGLMC that an identified season ticket holder is ignoring all sensible advice, they reserve the right to remove the season ticket from such a person.

“On a more positive note, CGLMC, in partnership with Canine Capers, has produced a leaflet outlining expectations of desirable behavior for pet owners and walkers. They hope to distribute these around the town and golfing areas to discourage ‘foul play’.”

Don’t give dogs a bad name: bag it and bin it!