Litter action plan welcomed

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A Broughty Ferry councillor has welcomed a Holyrood announcement to create cleaner communities by tackling land and marine litter.

Councillor Kevin Cordell welcomed the move which will see a linked consultation, the ‘Towards a Litter Free Scotland’ action plan to target better education, improved communications, increased fixed penalties, more accessible recycling opportunities and a greater focus on marine litter awareness.

Councillor Cordell said: “I am encouraged that the Scottish Government is to take action to cut litter and I am absolutely delighted that in the Year of Natural Scotland the Scottish Government is teaming up with Zero Waste Scotland to combat litter.

“Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world but litter can blight our communities and coastlines and this has to be stopped.

“In my own ward, Broughty Beach is an award winning asset and it is everyone’s wish to keep it so. Many volunteer groups, working in partnership with Dundee City Council and other agencies strive to ensure it remains so.

“Putting rubbish where it belongs - in the recycling bins or in the waste bin - is very easy to do yet half the population admit to littering.

“Therefore, combating litter, is good news for absolutely everyone and I have no doubt we can make Scotland an even more beautiful place to live, work and visit.”

The consultation will run until September 27.