Litter problem needs to be solved

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LITTER is continuing to be dumped along Arbroath’s seafront as the local MSP warns it is time to start taking pride in our community.

One reader took this picture at Victoria Park, showing rubbish strewn across the beach, which he claims is not only unsightly but could be a danger to wildlife.

And this picture comes as Angus South MSP Graeme Dey is encouraging local people to back efforts being made during this the Year of Natural Scotland to tackle the scourge of litter and fly-tipping.

The vice-convener of the rural affairs, climate change and environment committee in the Scottish Parliament said: “Day in day out, despite the best efforts of Angus Council and the conduct of the majority of people, we find litter blighting our streets and the verges of rural roads.

“At some point we have to say ‘this isn’t acceptable’ and not just because every pound council spend having to pick up litter which should not have been discarded in the first place is a pound which isn’t available for other things.

“I am aware from my MSP mailbag that littering, just like dog fouling, is a cause of real irritation amongst the public.

“In various places I know that commendable efforts are being made to address the dog fouling issue.

“Well, now we need to develop a sense of civic pride in regard to littering too.”

And with Keep Scotland Beautiful currently embarking on a year-long campaign to keep the country litter-free, Mr Dey believes it is important to keep the area tidy so we can boost visitors and tourism.

He explained: “Scotland is about to embark on a concerted and sustained Zero Waste recycling drive, therefore we don’t want recyclable resource lost by being cast aside along rural routes or the streets of our towns and villages.

“But just as importantly we don’t want this happening from an eyesore point of view.

“This area attracts a good many visitors and a good many more are likely to be coming here next year to events such as the Commonwealth Games shooting.

“We surely want Angus to be seen at its best both for the enjoyment of locals and with a view to enticing tourists to return on a regular basis, thereby boosting the area’s economy.”