MP hands in Ferry ‘phone mast petition

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A PETITION circulated by people in the Forthill/Balgillo area opposing the siting of a 15-metre mobile ‘phone mast at the corner of Forthill Road and Balgillo Road has been handed in to Dundee City Council by Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie.

More than 300 local residents have already signed the petition and local residents Kevin Cordell, Lynn Sale and other petition campaigners opposed to the application gave the petition to the MP to hand-over to the council’s planning department.

Mobile Phone operators Telefonica and Vodaphone have applied for permission to use a pavement site on the busy Forthill Road/Balgillo Road junction directly adjacent to the gable end of a private residence. The corner is very busy and has a school crossing patrol during school hours.

Protestors feel that the siting of the mast is inappropriate and that it will be a significant visual intrusion.

Mr Hosie said: “I support the residents on this issue. I think it is absolutely ludicrous to have a tall ‘phone mast on an already busy road and at the end of a 200-year-old cottage, especially when there is an industrial estate just a few hundred yards away that would be a far more appropriate site.”