Muirdrum views online

THE PLANNING application for a petrol station in Muirdrum has generated quite a bit of controversy in the last few weeks.

None more so than on the website of the Guide & Gazette, where readers have been leaving comments about the latest development.

It emerged last week that Carnoustie newsagent, J & K Maclagan, had been pressured to remove a petition supporting the development of a filling station in Muirdrum after some customers had threatened to boycott the shop. As a result, developer Gavin Watson of Muirdrum Farm collected all petitions distributed in Carnoustie

Once the story went live online the debate began. The opening salvo came from ‘budgie’ who wrote: “I think the residents of Muirdrum need to get a grip! Where do they go for petrol? Nobody likes change but progress is needed and petrol and a wee shop would be very well used by all motorists. I would rather have it on my doorstep than having to go to the Ferry or Arbroath to get my diesel.”

Muirdrum resident ‘Evo’ replied: “Would you like a petrol station right on your back garden and especially if it ends up like the other petrol stations and just left to ruin? There are other places to put this petrol station and in Carnoustie! For getting a grip, then I suppose we are, due to the fact we are taking a grip of what should and should not be allowed to be built in the countryside. If this went ahead it would open the floodgates for anybody with land to build what they like and where in areas of greenbelt land or beautiful countryside! Surely this has a bigger meaning than just an eyesore of a petrol station that is for convenience and not necessity!”

Evo also suggests that many Carnoustie people do not go out of their way to fill up as they would likely pass a petrol station during their commute or shopping trip.

Reader dmbuild66 responded: “To suggest it should be built in Carnoustie is laughable, as it should be as close to the A92 as possible. I know lots of people who are not everyday commuters and they are having to use expensive fuel to go to top up. A filling station is a necessity and not to be denied by the few!”

Evo finished by writing: “To be fair I would like to see a proper poll done by the council in Carnoustie by all the residents saying where would they like a petrol station and where would they like to see it! This isn’t about victimising anyone it’s about this being done right the first time and in the right place for the right reasons!”

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