Myxomatosis in Carnoustie

A CARNOUSTIE vet is urging rabbit owners to get their pets vaccinated following a recent disease outbreak.

Jim Wallace of the Wallace Veterinary Practice has seen an increase in cases of myxomatosis in the town.

He said: “In the last two weeks we’ve seen three rabbits from Carnoustie with myxomatosis.

“All the cases are in Carnoustie which indicates it’s quite rife among the wild rabbit population and anyone who comes into contact wild rabbits should get their rabbits vaccinated.”

The disease is passed by fleas from infected wild rabbits and symptoms include red, puffy eyes, facial swelling, going off food and generally looking unwell.

Jim added: “There’s no treatment for myxomatosis and the rabbits end up suffering quite a lot and eventually we have to put them to sleep.

“I’ve never seen a rabbit with full blown myxomatosis recover.”

There is an effective vaccine available, which provides complete protection, to get it contact the Wallace Veterinary Centre on 01241 858600.