Plug pulled on petrol station plan

Yvonne and Gavin Watson with their plans for a petrol outlet at Muirdrum.
Yvonne and Gavin Watson with their plans for a petrol outlet at Muirdrum.

A CONTROVERSIAL Muirdrum development has been refused planning permission at an Angus Council meeting.

The application, to build a petrol station with convenience store and car wash on agricultural land 50 metres south of the village and approximately 1.5 km north of Carnoustie, was made by Mr Gavin Watson of Muirdrum. It was turned down at a meeting of the development standards committee in Forfar on Tuesday for a number of reasons according to the report.

In short, the reasons contravened the guidelines set out by the Angus Local Plan Review.

Firstly, the application site is outwith existing development boundaries in an area of open countryside.

It would result in a retail development outwith an existing development boundary in an unacceptable location, and also the development could not be absorbed into the landscape and would have an adverse impact on the countryside.

Light pollution from the development could not be mitigated or integrated into the landscape in an acceptable manner.

It would result in the permanent loss of prime quality agricultural land and on top of this it had not been shown the development would not be at risk of flooding, or increase the risk of flooding elsewhere, and in addition it had not been proved that suitable and safe access and egress from the site could be provided.

Independent Carnoustie councillor Bill Bowles said: “I definitely think a petrol station is necessary for Carnoustie. It’s fundamental to the economy of the town.

“My feeling is that when people buy their petrol elsewhere, such as a supermarket, they tend to do their shopping there too. A petrol station would keep business within the town.”

Asked if there were any plans to develop a Carnoustie petrol station in the pipeline Councillor Bowles said: “There’s nothing that I know of for sure. I hear the same rumours as everyone else.”

Once the announcement was made on Tuesday feelings were vented on the result on the Guide & Gazette and OurCarnoustie Facebook pages.

Fiona Messeter wrote: “That’s ridiculous! We live near Pitlivie Farm one mile up from Muirdrum and we’d be delighted to have a fuel station there! Councillors need their heads looked!”

Tracey Martin McGill said: “Wasn’t there plans for more than just a petrol station though? I wouldn’t like one in my back garden! I incorporate buying fuel while getting shopping done. Not much hassle!”

Kelly Barrett added: “There have previously been petrol stations in both Carnoustie and a petrol pump in Muirdrum which all sadly went out of business due to lack of use.

“How many of the people complaining could honestly say that they would pay at least a couple of pence extra on each litre of petrol when there are local supermarkets who will supply it cheaper? Be reasonable!

“This proposal contravened just about every relevant council policy so I am very happy that it has been refused, as for the job prospects? How on earth is one petrol station going to in anyway solve the unemployment issue in Angus?”

And finally, Alec Wilkie made a suggestion as to where the petrol station could go. He said: “Here’s an idea. What about a petrol station in the Co-op car park. They could get a petrol tanker train carriage parked up on the siding to fill it up, so no extra lorries.”

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