Protection work begins


WORK to protect the beach at Carnoustie from erosion and coastal flooding started on Monday.

A small wall is being formed on the east side of the beach next to the Barry Burn with a rock armoury wall also being constructed.

The works were given the go ahead last month after erosion was found in the sand dunes, which was creating a big drop between the footpath and the top of the dunes.

And combined with the roadworks which are ongoing in the town, Councillor Brian Boyd was confident these would all make Carnoustie a better place.

He said: “I am glad to see the works commencing in such a short time span from my original meeting with council officers.

“Sure it would have been great to keep our natural dunes and beach front but climate change is jeopardising this.  

“By doing these works now we can also protect what dunes we have left.

“We must also protect the towns number one asset, its golf course, and this erosion was getting precariously near the new £1 million pound golf pro centre.

“And now is the time for the work before we start getting the spring tides.

“The beach here doesn’t seem to be holding up as well as it is further out at Westhaven.

“It was great to see the Westhaven Road and these coastal works starting on Monday after these problems were brought to the council’s attention and after many hours negotiating with council officers ensuring a swift as possible conclusion.”

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