Throw away less, recycle more!

ANGUS Council is supporting a national campaign highlighting the benefits of recycling.

A series of roadshows are being held in the county to promote recycling to local people.

At each of the events, recycling experts from the council will be in attendance, along with the Scottish Government campaign team members, to share recycling knowledge and answer questions.

The events take place between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) at Lidl, Commerce Street, Brechin; on Sunday, February 12, at Asda, Westway Retail Park, Arbroath; and on Wednesday, February 15, at Tesco, Western Road, Montrose.

The roadshows mark the start of a two-month campaign to encourage the Scottish public to recycle more recyclable items more often. Appearing on television, radio, outdoor posters and online, the campaign features lively, memorable characters that have been created from boxes, cartons, bottles and cans, all representing resources that can come back again and again as useful everyday items.

Scottish households help save councils more than £20 million each year by putting recyclable items in their kerbside recycling collections, rather than in their bins to be landfill.

This includes 410 million metal cans, which is an incredible number, but is still less than half of the total cans sold, with the rest being sent to landfill.

Councillor Jim Millar, Angus Council’s spokesman on environmental issues, said: “Angus residents have a great record when it comes to recycling, but to meet challenging recycling targets we need to encourage people to recycle more.

“This helps us tackle climate change and it avoids materials decaying in landfill and releasing greenhouse gases. Recycling uses less energy, and creates fewer emissions than if we produced materials from scratch.

“Recycling also helps to conserve our valuable resources and supports jobs in the sector, including collection, processing and manufacturing.

“The Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan aims to have 70 per cent of all waste recycled by 2025. This means all of us need to recycle more and throw away less, and that’s why Angus is supporting this national campaign.”