Trees vandalised in Ashludie Park

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HOUSEHOLDERS in Monifieth have spoken of their anger and disappointment after vandals snapped young saplings in Ashludie Park over the weekend.

The damage was discovered on Sunday by Rod Bowman who was taking his family for a walk.

He stated: “I visited Ashludie Park with my grandchildren to find that a trail of destruction had been wrought overnight to young trees which have been in the park for the past few months.

“I hope those responsible wake up feeling ashamed of themselves, but I doubt that would be the case.

“The trees are not so small that the damage was likely to have been caused by children.”

He concluded: “I believe it was more probably adults on the way home from being out for a drink who created the damage. It is disgraceful.”

A council spokesperson said: “Sadly three trees were vandalised at Ashludie Park over the weekend. As a result the trees, which were planted by the council just over a year ago, have had to be removed.

“While replacements will be planted later this year this obviously comes at a cost to the public purse. Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contact the police.”

Monifieth Rotary Club president Stuart Robison told the Guide & Gazette: “I have been in touch with Angus Council regarding the matter and they have confirmed that no damage was incurred to the trees which were planted by the Monifieth and District Rotary Club, although a few support stakes were taken from two of the trees.

“The trees which were damaged were planted by the Angus Council as part of their overall plan for the park.

“The Ashludie Park is a integral part of the community and we are sorry to hear about the damage sustained to any tree within the park.”

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism should contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 22 22.