Underpass flooding

A BROUGHTY Ferry councillor has called for action to be taken to improve the appearance of the railway underpass in Gray Street. Conservative member Derek Scott has expressed concern that the condition of the busy pedestrian route is detracting from the overall amenity of the area.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “The underpass is filthy and it always floods. An elevated walkway was installed some years ago to stop users from getting their feet wet but this doesn’t stop them from getting dirty water dropping on their heads from the leaking roof.

“The walkway is narrow and if two people meet coming in opposite directions then inevitably one of them ends up rubbing against the slime covered wall. The current condition is a deterrent to people using it.

“I have raised this issue in the past and each time it gets cleaned up but the results are shortlived. It doesn’t add to the ambience associated with Broughty Ferry as an attractive shopping and leisure venue.”

He concluded: “I am aware that there were plans being considered several years ago for an underpass replacement but these seem to have come to nothing.”

Network Rail is responsible for maintaining the structure and Dundee City Council is responsible for maintaining and repairing the underground footpath, including the lighting, cleaning of the subway and maintenance of the drains.

Councillor Scott is to be contacting Mike Galloway, the council’s director of city development, to request that he bring forward proposals to rectify the matter.

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said that council officers will be arranging an inspection soon and any action will depend on what they find.