West end residents on flood alert!

RESIDENTS in Ravensby Road, Carnoustie, were on high alert following the heavy rain on Saturday when water from the Barry Burn threatened to engulf their homes again!

Shortly after 4 p.m. the water was about eight or nine inches deep in the road and the two gullies on opposite sides of the carriageway - indicators of problems to come - had already flooded.

Luckily the waters did not encroach any further and by 10 p.m. the levels had started to fall.

Councillor Helen Oswald said: “I had my first call at around 4 p.m. on Saturday reporting a flood situation at a point in Ravensby Road identified by residents as an indicator of previous flooding events in the area.

“When I visited the area, the water was right across the road, and up over the footpath. At the bridge over the burn at MacDonald Smith Drive, the burn was flowing fast and very high. Residents had been monitoring the flow all day.”

She continued: “Conscious of how quickly water levels had risen in previous flooding events, I contacted the council’s emergency service number and advised them of the situation, and since the flooding was also causing a traffic hazard, I spoke to the local police sergeant who arranged to have flood warning signs put out on Ravensby Road.

“I also spoke to the Officer in Charge of the Fire Station in town to advise him of the situation.

“By around 10 p.m., the water levels had started to fall but I urge residents to continue to monitor the burn area and report any concerns to me.”

And in Broughty Ferry, ground floor residents of flats in a restored former mill spent the weekend clearing up after rising water seeped up from the ground below their homes.

Balmossie Mill sits in a hollow beside the Dighty Burn as it winds round a hill before flowing under the Seven Arches and into the Tay estuary.

The Dighty was swollen after the heavy rain on Saturday, but the flood defence wall between mill and burn appeared to have held.

Residents think that the problem is perhaps due to an underground stream being blocked forcing the water to rise up into their homes.

Sandbags were put in place after the water level rose in the gardens and a unit from Balmossie Fire Station pumped the floodwater into ther Dighty.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The heavy rain combined with melting snow on Saturday caused a number of flooding problems and road closures throughout Angus, which were dealt with by council staff in partnership with the emergency services.

“In Carnoustie, warning signs were erected at Ravensby Road in view of the ponding of water, but no further action was required.”