Facial depiction of Tay mystery man

Facial depiction of the body pulled from the River Tay.
Facial depiction of the body pulled from the River Tay.

Police Scotland have released a facial depiction of a middle-aged man who was recovered from the River Tay at Broughty Ferry, but who has still to be identified.

The image – created by an expert in craniofacial identification – shows a man with dark brown hair, greying a little at the sides, with a greying brown beard and moustache.

In the image he appears to have blue eyes, although detectives indicate that the precise colour of his eyes may have been different in life, as the colour can alter post mortem.

Detective Inspector Carol Brown said: “Despite our enquiries to date, we have no indication as to who this man is. We have no missing people in the Tayside area fitting his description and enquiries with neighbouring forces and colleagues elsewhere in the country have not brought us any closer to finding out who he is.

“It is possible that the answer lies overseas and we are in contact with police forces in other countries in the hope that we can establish his identity. At the same time, we hope that someone will recognise him from this artist’s impression and get in touch.”

The man, who is about six feet to six feet one inches tall and of stocky build, was pulled from the water after being spotted by a member of the public a short distance from the shoreline between Broughty Castle and the Brought Ferry Lifeboat Station at about 8 a.m. on Friday, September 6. He was recovered by the local lifeboat crew.

At the time he was wearing a red Montane-make waterproof jacket with hood, a Mountain Life-make beige coloured long sleeve shirt, a woollen snood around his neck, black Dunlop fingerless cycling gloves, green Mountain Life hiking style trousers, dark coloured socks but no footwear.

He also had the following items in his possession: two orange ear plugs and the small plastic box for them; a set of four gold/brass coloured keys (three padlock and one door key) on a similar coloured metal chain found attached to deceased’s left trouser pocket; a red plastic hair comb; a small ‘Alpbach’ white pen knife with blade and corkscrew; a Seiko silver metal wristwatch; and a pair of large black plastic sunglasses.

Anyone who recognises the deceased or who knows anything that could assist police enquiries should call 101 or speak with any police officer.