Facts about fostering cards launched

ANGUS Council this week launched fact cards in a bid to encourage fostering in the county.

The wallet-sized fostering and adoption fact cards were created by the social work and health department were launched today (Friday) and will be available to members of the public, council staff and partner organisations.

The cards provide the 10 basic facts that people considering fostering and adoption need to know.

Foster carer Angela Rodgers said: “he fostering fact cards answer all the burning questions we had when we were thinking about fostering. I hope they will be able to deal with some of the common misconceptions some people have and encourage them to find out more about becoming an Angus Foster Carer.”

At the launch was convener of social work and health, councillor Glennis Middleton. She said: “Angus Council is responsible for children who need to be in care for a whole variety of reasons. To give these children the best possible chance in life, we need more people in Angus to think about fostering and adoption.

“We know that people are often unsure of what fostering and adoption might involve. These cards are really good at getting across the basic facts which people want to know when they are considering adoption or fostering, and also give details as to where to find out more.”

She added: “For example, the cards explain that people from all backgrounds and circumstances can become foster carers or adoptive parents: couples or single, in work or on benefits, and irrespective of marital status or sexual orientation. What we ask is that you understand the extra challenges and support that children require when they have lived through difficult experiences and that you have a room for the child.

“The cards outline that in return for this, foster carers get lots of support and are paid allowances that make this a genuine alternative to other sorts of employment.

“I would urge people in Angus to have a look at these cards and to stop and think about becoming a foster carer or adopting a child.”

To learn more about fostering and adoption, visit www.fosteringandadoption.angus.gov.uk/ or call 01241 435675.