Family seeks help to get surgery for Brooke

Cerebral Palsy sufferer Brook Ramsay with mum Laura.
Cerebral Palsy sufferer Brook Ramsay with mum Laura.

A CARNOUSTIE family is appealing to the local community for support for their little girl.

Laura and Stewart Ramsay have been encouraged by the success of the ‘Help Ayley and Chloe Walk’ fund to seek similar help for their daughter Brooke (7).

Brooke suffers from cerebral palsy which causes spasticity in the limbs, and in this case inhibits her ability to walk.

There is hope, however, as Brooke is old enough that she qualifies for an operation at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.

The selective dorsal rhizotomy will be carried out by consultant neurosurgeon Mr Kristian Aquilina.

Laura said: “Because Mr Aquilina is so far away we’ve been communicating via email, and we have been able to show him video footage of Brooke walking and says she is an ideal candidate for the surgery.

“He thinks that the operation will have great benefit for Brooke and completely take away the spasticity in her legs.”

On Monday Laura and Stewart spoke to doctors who are setting up a business case to present to the Primary Care Trust in order to secure funding.

Until that is settled, the Ramsays are uncertain as to how much treatment will eventually cost.

Laura said: “We actually think Brooke is on a par with Ayley Hirsch, although she walks with splints instead of a walking stick.

“She has to wear the splints throughout the day with only a short break, and then all night too. As she is getting older you can see her toes turning inward and her knees are touching as she walks.”

Brooke completes three physiotherapy sessions each day, and has recently had a Botox injection to help ease the spasticity in her limbs.

Laura added: “Getting the Botox was a big deal as she had to have a general anaesthetic. But they say it is just a quick fix.”

At the moment, the Ramsays are concentrating on putting together a team of people to help them get their campaign off the ground.

Stewart Ramsay said: “So far we have our Facebook page up and running, but we need help with things like setting up a just-giving account.

“If we had somebody who was prepared to give us a hand with the IT side of things that would be a great help.”

Laura added: “We had Averil Fleming and Frazer Hirsch round on Monday night. They have been just great passing on ideas and advice.”

The first committee meeting for the new fund, called Brooke’s Dream, took place on Wednesday night and Laura was hoping to use it as an opportunity to organise the first fund-raising activities.

Laura said: “There has been a good response so far.”

Ideas suggested included a sponsored toddle, and a hike up Ben Nevis by Stewart’s police colleagues, as well as the usual bucket collections, coffee mornings and so on.

Anyone who wishes to help can contact the Ramsays at