‘Ferry bad parking’ is slammed by councillor

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Ferry Ward Councillor Kevin Cordell is calling on road users to show more consideration in and around schools.

Councillor Cordell said: “The Ferry has three primary schools; Forthill PS, Eastern PS and Barnhill PS as well as a secondary; Grove Academy.

“In the time I have been elected, various issues involving parking and speeding in the vicinity of all the schools have been raised.

“Dundee City Council has tried to be pro-active in working with the schools and we have seen, for instance, a pedestrianised area being introduced at Forthill PS at certain times of the school day.”

According to the councillor there is still a small but persistent minority of offenders: “I attended Barnhill Parent Council recently and these issues were raised again by parents but sadly they are relevant at all the education establishments in the ward.

“I know that in specific relation to Barnhill PS and its environs Dundee City Council has refreshed signs and lines around the school access routes, installed Vehicle Activated Speed reminder signs on Balgillo Road, undertaken a site visit with the School Pupil Safety and Safe Parking Around Schools Group and identified the best location for pick up/drop off at Gillies Park car park whilst undertaking car park refurbishment.”

Complaints continued and Mr Cordell has liaised with council officers.

He explained: “I was able to advise the Parent Council that Dundee City Council has agreed to initiate a multi-agency review with attendance at the school over this term and the Parking team will liaise with Police Scotland. Traffic engineers will also be tasked to see if additional measures, such as extended parking restrictions, are needed.

“The Parent Council seemed to be reassured by these steps and I hope they can continue to liaise with Council Officers to find a solution that benefits all.”