Fireworks group still shooting for the stars

Fund-raising committee member Susie McKinstray has been working hard to keep Arbroath Fireworks in the minds of the community.

She has successfully managed to get the cause included as part of the Green Coin Community Scheme in Asda at the Westway Retail Park,

Shoppers can opt to take a green token when they are going through the checkout and choose one of the three community projects to support.

Group Chairperson Karren Cuthill said: “The scheme runs for two to three months and the charity with the most tokens gets £100 and the other two get £50 each.”

The group is currently counting the running total from the collection buckets to keep the town updated on their fund-raising progress.

Early reports suggest that despite a good result from the Christmas Indoor Market, the collection buckets have been ringing with only the sound of coppers.

Vice-chair Kevin Smith said: “We now have a constitution and soon a bank account, so need some money to go into it!

“Our website shows 561 members. If those persons would put just £1 in we would be close to our £1,000 target for the end of the month.”