First Baptist service on Sunday in Golf Hotel

Robert and Joan Hamilton new Baptist missioneries in Carnoustie.
Robert and Joan Hamilton new Baptist missioneries in Carnoustie.

AFTER spending 48 years as missionaries in South America, you might think that Robert and Joan Hamilton would be content to put their feet up and relax in their retirement in Carnoustie.

But no. On Sunday, Robert will be pastor at the first service of a new project in the town, a Baptist Church.

Initially, services of ‘Carnoustie Community Church’ will be held at 11 a.m. in the Carnoustie Golf Hotel, but there are plans to obtain dedicated premises.

The venture is being organised through the Dundee Baptist Church in Ward Road, where Jim Torrent is lead pastor.

Among special guests on Sunday will be the Provost of Angus, Mrs Ruth Leslie Melville. Mr and Mrs Hamilton hope that a number of international students will travel through from Dundee for the event.

The couple spent 20 years in Peru, working first with the Quechua people, in territory where horseback was the means of transport.

Mrs Hamilton said: “It was rugged country, but beautiful. The Quechua people, who have their own dialect of Spanish, were lovely and hospitable.”

Latterly they were in the capital city of Lima for five years.

The remaining 28 years were spent in Santiago, Chile, where they were helping children at risk, as well as AIDS and cancer patients.

They have five children, two each in Chile and America, and a son, Andrew, in Dundee.

Robert Hamilton is a native of Ulster, and his wife comes from London.

They are both keen walkers and they decided when their family was young that they would all play tennis. They still do.

Mrs Hamilton said that she and her husband also love exploring the various farm food shops in the Angus countryside.