Fishies set for “One Night” in Arbroath


The Fishermans Inn on Arbroath High Street is to be used as a film set today (Friday) and tomorrow for a brand new production.

“One Night” is the follow-up film to Arbroath-based IronStar Film’s successful debut feature “Blood Loss” which has already been shown at various festivals around the world.

IronStar Film’s producer, Jennifer Cooper, told the Herald: “We’ve got the entire “Blood Loss” team reunited and we’ll be filming in the Fishies, as well as a location at Park Conon Farm.”

For those that know the Fishermans, filming will be in the side lounge and the back bar, with staff, friends and regulars providing the extras.

The intention is for the filming to work around the pub’s normal opening hours, with an earlier schedule on Saturday morning for the principal actors and extras. The filming of “One Night”, described by Jennifer as a “cat-and-mouse crime thriller with violent physical action”, will see the return of “Blood Loss” leading man Craig McGinlay, a 29-year-old rugby player, turned model, turned actor.

Jennifer explained: “Hot on the heels from working on Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur film, Knights of the Round Table, starring Charlie Hunnam, Eric Bana and Jude Law, Craig is back to work on his second IronStar Films project.

“He had such a good experience working on Blood Loss that writer/director Graeme Carr wrote One Night especially with him in mind as the protagonist.”

Jennifer continued: ”One Night will be a calling card for what we can do on a shoestring budget and we are seeking the inward investment to the Angus area to make it into a

feature film.

“We’re hoping to stimulate the film industry away from the usual Scottish suspects of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands. We basically have the money to cover the shoot, but need money for post-production and for distribution/festival submissions

and so on.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the community in general; not only does it bring attention in a positive light to the local area and businesses involved, it showcases local talent and the success that can be found with hard work and determination.”

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