Flat fire horror for Monifieth man and his neighbours

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A MONIFIETH man had to be rescued from his burning home by firefighters in the early hours of Sunday morning

At 2.15 a.m., Tayside Fire and Rescue dispatched appliances from the Balmossie and Kingsway East stations to deal with reports of a flat fire in Union Street, Monifieth.

They were told on arrival that the flat was still occupied and four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were able to gain entry and quickly rescue Craig Henderson (40) who is confined to a wheelchair by cerebral palsy.

Firefighters administered oxygen to Mr Henderson until paramedics arrived whereupon he was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for treatment for smoke inhalation and serious burns.

It is understood that on Monday he underwent surgery to treat the burns on his body which one neighbour described as “horrific”.

Occupants of the building had to be evacuated. Upstairs neighbour Karen Van Win said: “I was asleep at the time when I heard noises and banging. My little girl was in bed at the time.

“I looked out of the window and saw one of my neighbours waving at me to get out. When I opened the door and came downstairs there was smoke everywhere.”

June Tambini, who lives opposite Mr Henderson’s ground floor flat said that she has been left “traumatised” by the incident.

She said: “I’ve never slept since it happened. I am so upset. Seeing Craig with his burns, they were really horrific.”

June explained that she was on medication that made her sleep very deeply, and that a friend staying with her had to wake her up.

She said: “The man next door was banging on my door for me to get out. I had a friend staying with me and it was very fortunate for me that I did.

“I saw my neighbour Karen and got her out. I was frightened for her because she has a little girl who is only seven. The smoke was really bad, as soon as I opened the door it just came billowing out.”

A spokesperson for Tayside Fire and Rescue said: “Whilst many fires are preventable this incident highlights the importance of having a working smoke detector as without it operating the consequences could have been much worse.”