Flying high at Probus meeting

The Arbroath Spitfire 'Red Lichtie'.
The Arbroath Spitfire 'Red Lichtie'.

President Jim Cargill welcomed 41 members and seven guests to the Arbroath Probus Club meeting on Tuesday.

In the Royal British Legion Scotland hall, Green Street, Mr Bert Drummond continued his story about life as a Spitfire pilot. He told of his experiences after operational training, and the “real life” world of the average pilot.

He revealed that this included hours and hours of aerobatics so that the pilot became a part of his aircraft and swift action became automatic.

Mr Drummond took his audience through some of the pitfalls such as that although a steep dive was most accurate in a bombing raid, the ground rushing up to meet you had a hypnotic effect and a few pilots never pulled out before crashing straight into the ground.

He explained that the Spitfire had a gravity fed fuel system, so you didn’t fly upside down or straight up for too long or the engine conked out. He also described how hens’ feathers were found in his engine after a low-flying exercise.

Jim Thomson proposed thanks. The next meeting will be at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 12, when Sheila Dunphy will talk about ‘The Malawi Project’.