Following the Heroes of Telemark

FIVE former members of 7 Battery, 29 Commando, who were based at Condor are undertaking a fund-raising challenge in Norway next month.

Over the last 12 months Ivor A’lee, Arbroath; Gordon Duncan, Hereford Aaron A’lee, Arbroath; Paul Healy, Redcar; and John Healy, Plymouth; have been planning to cross the Hardangervidda Plateau to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

Ivor explained: “The expedition team consists of ex-service personnel drawn from Army and Navy Commandos. Collectively we will have served in every conflict or war since the Falkland Island invasion in 1982.

“Departing in early April, we will retrace part of the route taken by the Heroes of Telemark in a Second World War journey following the successful operation to destroy the heavy water plant at Vemork near Rjukan on the night of February 27, 1943.”

His team will be utilising military ski equipment and carrying heavy Bergens weighing between 50 and 65lbs. They will cover a distance in excess of 100 miles over open and exposed terrain.

Each man will carry his own field rations, personal survival items and emergency equipment to both live and travel safely on the Hardangervidda Plateau where temperatures range from five to - 15°C throughout the day, but as low as -30 °C can occur.

Ivor went on: “We will depart for Rjukan, Norway, in early April and the first two days will be spent preparing and checking equipment and conducting essential safety drills. In the early hours of day three we shall then begin to climb the Hardangervidda Plateau.

“Ultimately, we are embarking on this journey to raise money for the Help for Heroes Charity and to date, have raised over £2,000. A link to the site where anyone can donate is available. Anything, even the smallest amount, would be appreciated. The link is”