‘For Carnoustie’ shop a great success

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CARNOUSTIE’S latest innovation in community self-help has been an amazing success according to organisers.

The ‘For Carnoustie’ shop at 89 High Street opened on January 14 and will redistribute proceeds from the sale of donated goods among local good causes.

Manager Dave Hodgson said: “I’m both amazed and humbled by the support we’ve had over the past couple of months from everyone in the town.

“Our volunteers have done a magnificent job in turning the many donations from townspeople into sale items and we seem to be busy with shoppers all the time.”

His wife Babs helps Dave to manage the shop and is confident about the future, she said: “This success guarantees that the shop will be a permanent feature of the High Street.

“We will continue to open from nine til five, six days a week.”

Stephen Macgregor, chair of the trustees who oversee the running of the shop, added: “As a result of the support for the shop, it seems likely that the trustees will be able to start distributing funds to Carnoustie’s good causes earlier than anticipated.”