Free computer workshops

COMPUTERDEN in Carnoustie is set to offer free open workshops in computers for the over-50s.

The classes will take place at the Carnoustie branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland every Thursday throughout the year starting soon.

The Computerden team will demonstrate how to manage your documents, photos and music into folders, install new programs, change backgrounds and more.

Additionally you’ll go on to learn how to create letters and talk to your family members via Skype.

“These informal classes are fun,” said June Braid, who runs Computerden. “It’s not a classroom, you’re not tested. If you have a question you don’t need to raise your hand. Everyone gets to know each other.”

The classes will be held at the Forfar and Carnoustie Legion clubrooms.

Kevin Parser, who manages the Computerden Carnoustie store, says the informal manner of the class is what is attracting many over-50s to the classes.

“They like the idea of meeting people and making friends. So they’ll actually enjoy the class. It’s as much of a social event as it is a course in gaining new knowledge,” said Kevin.

“One of my goals is to teach the class members how to find what they don’t know,” said June. “Many are intimidated by computers and we will try to fill in the gaps and give them the tools to learn on their own.”

Anyone over 50 can sign up to learn and gain experience.