Fresh start to 2015 for dookers

What’s a little rain to Gazette country’s brave dookers? Very little it seems as plenty of folk turned out for the Ne’er Day dooks at Broughty Ferry and Carnoustie.

In Broughty Ferry Ye Amphibious Ancients Bathing Association (YeABBA) attracted hundreds of daredevil dookers who plunged into the icy waters of Broughty harbour on January 1.

Leading the charge were Dundee’s Lord Provost Bob Duncan and YeABBA president Joyce MacIntosh.

A large crowd lined the harbour walls, despite the intermittent rain, and enjoyed some music and watched the relay race demonstration provided by YeABBA which preceded the main event.

Later on New Year’s Day the weather had worsened, but was not enough to deter the small band of Carnoustie dookers who took to the waves with abandon.

The event started in the traditional manner with George Taylor kicking the ball into the sea.

And the honour for staying in the longest went to Christian Geib and Rory Sangster.

You can see a video on our website now of the Broughty Ferry Dook.