From town station to national force

AN ANGUS man with an interest in local history has reminded us of the background to an imminent event.

Patrick W. Anderson, Letham, said: “Your readers will know that Tayside Police will cease to exist at the end of this month and the new Police Scotland will come into being.

“Over the centuries there have been City, Burgh and County Police Forces in Scotland and one of these has been the Arbroath Burgh Police that was formed on October 11, 1836, with the appointment of its first Chief Constable David Keddie. He only was in the post until December 6 that year and then James Inness took over for the next year before David O. Stewart took the post for several years with Donald McPherson, James McDougall, Angus MacKay, James Charles and James Milne all serving only for several years. Duncan MacNeill took command from 1884 until 1914.

“From 1914 until 1946 the well known Chief Constable James MacDonald took the reigns of the Force including two world wars. From 1946, Robert R.K. Ogilvie was the Chief Constable of the Arbroath Burgh Police and the Angus Constabulary until 15th May 1949 when the Burgh Police ceased and was merged to become part of Angus.

“The Arbroath Burgh Police had its Police Office/ Police Headquarters in Market Place in Arbroath while the County Police had its Office at 43 Jamieson Street in the town as they dealt with the landward policing matters then.

“Brechin Burgh Police, Montrose Burgh Police and Forfar Burgh Police had their own police forces over the centuries until they were all merged on May 16, 1930, and became part of Angus Constabulary. Kirriemuir Burgh Police force was formed in 1859 but it only lasted a few years before it became part of Forfarshire Constabulary as the force was then called .

“I thought that this was a time to mention the history of the various Police Forces in Angus over the centuries that served our families well during these decades.”