Fun day for Dibble family birthday fete

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The organisers of the celebrations for the 21st birthday of a Carnoustie theatre say they have been delighted by the community response.

Tomorrow (Saturday) there will be a fete at the Dibble Tree Theatre between 2 and 4 p.m. with an auction taking place shortly afterwards.

There will be plenty of stalls, free games for children, competitions, music, karaoke and hot food for the whole family to enjoy.

Betty Gibson, one of the organising team, said: “Everything seems to be going along fine and we’re delighted with the response from businesses, absolutely delighted. It’s been a bit of a surprise actually.

“It’s great, they have given us quite a lot of goods and vouchers.

“We’ve got all our stalls and plenty of people to run them, all we need is volunteers to blow up the balloons for the car, but everybody seems to be ducking that one!”

Carnoustie Cubs will be giving two performances, one at 2.30 p.m. and again at 3.15 p.m., of their three-minute show which was so successful at the recent Arbroath Musical Festival.

Stocks have been set up and for 50p you can have three shots with a wet sponge to soak a number of well-known Carnoustie characters including Councillor Brian Boyd and Ali Laing.

Betty joked: “Brian has been on holiday during rehearsals for the forthcoming Carnoustie Theatre Club production of ‘Allo, Allo’, and if he doesn’t know his lines he’s doing a double shift in the stocks. We’re a hard club.”

An auction of some interesting items will be held after the fete at 4 p.m., including three sessions with a personal trainer, a session with a professional masseuse, a unique horn walking stick and a pair of chairs taken from the Columbus, a ship forming part of Germany’s Great War reparations.

Betty added: “The auction is a great way to finish up the afternoon and there has been some interest in the 
chairs, enough to make it interesting.

“We’ve also got this horn walking stick which looks like it has been made up all different kinds of horn, some folk think it is awful but I think it fascinating.”